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ikon About Undergraduate Program

The four-year undergraduate program of the Department of Sociology of ASBUprovides the opportunity to study the main research topics of sociology with the advanced methodological tools,which are evolution of societies, social structure, social institutions (family, economics, politics, religion, education, etc.), culture and social change. The program is designed to cover the main theoretical frameworks of sociology as well as the acquisition of "sociological imagination"as the basis of social analysis. In this way, it is aimed that students can provide critical solutions by understanding social issues and problems. In addition, our department provides the students with a qualified social sciences equipment covering international education standards in accordance with the purpose and vision of the university.


ikon2Our Difference

As Sociology Department, we offer our students a rich curriculum with a distinguished academic staff who are internationally recognized and have a high level of education and research standards, publishing research in reputable international journals, having projects and consulting experience. In addition to our 14 compulsory department courses, 21 elective courses covering many different areas are offered to our students. The students will have the chance to turn the strong theoretical knowledge that they will gain through these courses into practice by means of their graduation projects.

All faculty members in ASBU Sociology Department have education and/or research experience in world-class institutions.

In close relations with these instructors in an interactive environment, our students will gain an important experience by collecting first-hand dataand analysing them by conducting applied research for both homework and graduation projects. At the same time, our students will have the opportunity to use their theoretical sociological knowledge in various public or private related institutions and organizations with their compulsory internship.

ASBU Sociology Department offers students to participate in academic and social activities. The department continues to establish minor and double major program agreements with other faculties and departments. In this way, our students have the option to enrich their undergraduate education. In addition, Erasmus Plus agreements are in process to ensure the opportunities to study in European countries (For instance, Spain, Romania, Italy, and Germany). In addition, the Student Society on Sociology and Research, established by our students, has officially started its activities as of the 2021 Fall Semester. The community events provide a social and academic space for our students to explore their interests, gain organizational experience and collectively create an equal discussion environment.

The medium of instruction of Sociology Department is English. In addition, second foreign language courses chosen by students are compulsory during the undergraduate education (German, Spanish, French, Italian, Arabic, Persian, Armenian, Chinese, Russian or Japanese).

Job Opportunities


ASBU Sociology graduates can be employed as sociologist in public institutionsand organizations, and they can work in private research companies and conduct field research and public surveys. Also, they can work as experts, consultants and researchers in in different units of local and multinational companies operating in the private sector, think tanks, media organizations, civil society organizations, and public institutions such as the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Justice, Turkey Statistics Institute, and Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities. In addition, under the conditions stipulated by the Ministry of National Education, they can take the formation and teach as a Philosophy Group Teacher. Graduates of the Department of Sociology can also work in international organizations such as the United Nations and the European Union.

Students who want to pursue an academic career can also work as faculty members in universities. At the same time, our professors will ensure the students’ active participation not only at the local level but also at the international level in terms of research projects, conferences, and so on.

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